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Cartonajes Bernabeu Fábrica de
Cartón Ondulado
y Embalajes


We carry out daily quality controls to guarantee the quality of our products.

We continually analyse our industrial processes to ensure they are totally suited to newly arising demands.

We evaluate the quality of our raw material as well as the end product after manufacturing.

We perform tests on our paper, cardboard and packaging.

We base all our testing methods on procedures established under current standards.

We investigate new alternatives and products to improve the quality of our packaging materials.

We perform exhaustive controls on our infrastructure and our products based on ISO 9001 quality standards.

We respond to our client's queries, concerns and needs rapidly and efficiently.

We guarantee the traceability of all our products and processes.

Normas ISO

CARTONAJES BERNABEU, S.A.U.- L´Olleria. Polígono Industrial Els Teularets. Autovía A7 Salida 413 Tlf. + 34 96 2910790.